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Let’s start with a simple idea. Imagine three sofas that look exactly the same. One is sitting in your store, another is showcased in a rival store, and the last one has found a home in someone’s living room.

Now, ask yourself, which one feels the best?

You might be surprised to learn that most people feel the sofa in their own home is the most special.

This is what experts call “ownership” bias, and it’s a big deal for anyone who wants to sell furniture online.

E-commerce psychology: The importance of “ownership” bias

So why is this idea of “ownership” so important?

Well, it’s all about how it makes the customer feel. When people feel a special connection to something, they’re more likely to buy it.

And not just buy it, but also tell their friends about it, write good reviews, and even come back to buy more.

For e-commerce furniture, understanding this can make a huge difference in sales and customer happiness.

How people think when shopping for furniture online

If you’re in the business of selling furniture online, you need to get into the heads of your customers.

In a physical store, people can actually touch the furniture. They can sit on that comfy sofa or feel the smooth wood of a dining table.

This touchy-feely experience often pushes them to buy.

In fancier furniture stores, the experience goes up a notch. Customers can pick and choose different fabrics, finishes, and even small design tweaks.

This makes the furniture feel like it’s been specially made for them. And when something feels special, people are more likely to buy it.

E-commerce psychology: Making customers feel like Oowners

So, the big question is, how can you make online shoppers feel this special connection?

The answer is pretty cool and techy: 3D views, click-and-see demos, and online showrooms.

These digital tools let customers play around with different options. They can pick the type of fabric they like, choose a wood finish, or even decide the size of a furniture item.

This hands-on digital experience makes people feel like they’re part of the creation process. And guess what?

When people feel like they’ve made something, they find it hard to walk away from it. Plus, they’re often willing to pay a bit more for something they feel they’ve personalized.

That’s a win-win for everyone!

Why online tools are a great option?

But wait, there’s more!

These online tools don’t just help with the touchy-feely stuff. They also make the whole shopping process a lot more fun and easy. And when shopping is fun, customers stick around.

They browse more, put more things in their cart, and end up buying more.

These tools are also super easy to add to your website.

That means you can keep updating and improving the shopping experience for your customers. And happy customers mean more sales, better reviews, and a stronger online presence for your furniture store.

In summary

Understanding how people think and feel when shopping can make a big difference for your online furniture store.

It can boost your sales, get you better reviews, and make your store the go-to place for awesome furniture.

So why not give these tips a try and see how they can work for you?

I'm Antonio Furioso the founder of Eyedex. I have a strong passion for Augmented Reality. I'm also a curious person that likes solving problems and knowing people's stories. If I can do something to help, just contact me!