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Since its beginning, Augmented Reality (AR) has become a popular tool for companies aiming to improve user experience. Businesses can reach a larger audience without the requirement for an app, thanks to Web Augmented Reality (WebAR).

What is WebAR?

WebAR is a type of Augmented Reality that use a Web Browser to create the experience. Users can see WebAR from any device, unlike traditional AR, which requires an app. That makes Web-based Augmented Reality a more convenient and affordable option for businesses.

This happens because of the primary characteristic of WebAR that allows the integration of 3D items into websites and marketing campaigns. This feature helps brands to offer a more interactive and engaging experience and 3D visualization.

But let’s see some other benefits of Web Augmented Reality.

Benefits of WebAR

For companies aiming to improve user experience, WebAR offers a combination of advantages.

  • First, it does away with the requirement for downloading an app. It makes simpler for consumers to see 3D items and lowers the friction involved with conventional AR. As a result, according to an 8th Wall survey, app download abandonment rates can reach 90%, but only 2% for WebAR.
  • Second, compared to creating and releasing a standalone AR application, WebAR is more affordable. A study by Accenture says that adopting AR using a web browser can cost organizations up to 70% less than developing standard Augmented Reality software.
  • Last but not least, WebAR provides a smooth and dynamic experience that boosts user engagement and raises conversion chances. According to a Google study, Augmented Reality experiences can boost internet conversion rates by as much as 30%.

These are the WebAR benefits. But now, you are wondering where to use Web Based Augmented Reality, right?

Use Cases

As discussed above, WebAR can be used in different ways and industries.

The most common is the adoption in the retail industry, thanks to many e-commerce platforms implementing Augmented Reality. But not only, WebAR is becoming popular also for marketing campaigns that brands like Nike and Sephora are already doing.

Indeed, you can use Web Augmented Reality also in education and entertainment. Similar to how consumers may virtually try on things in stores, vendors are embracing WebAR to improve the experience by educating customers about their products.

Improve your user engagement with WebAR

Finally, WebAR is a game changer for companies looking to improve their user experience. Its ability to make products and services more interactive, engaging, and accessible provides businesses with an overload of opportunities to improve user engagement and drive conversions.

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I'm Antonio Furioso the founder of Eyedex. I have a strong passion for Augmented Reality. I'm also a curious person that likes solving problems and knowing people's stories. If I can do something to help, just contact me!