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Recent numbers tell us that about 3 out of 10 things people buy online get sent back. This can make customers unhappy and hurt your store’s reputation.

But there’s good news! We have easy-to-follow tips that can help you have fewer returns and make both your sales and your customers happier.

How to reduce your e-commerce return rates

You might hear folks say that you can’t really cut down on how many items get returned. Well, that’s not true. Don’t listen to them; there are ways to fix this issue. One big help can be Augmented Reality (if you want to get right to it, click here).

First, let’s look at some free ways you can make your online store better and have fewer returns.

Improve Product Descriptions and Images

First, make sure to give really clear and detailed information about what you’re selling, along with great pictures. Doing this can cut returns in half! Show the item from different sides with multiple pictures so people know exactly what they’re getting.

This way, they’re less likely to send it back because it wasn’t what they thought.

Give certainties to your customers

  • Easy Returns: In simple words, if you make it easy for people to start a return, they might actually return less stuff. How so? When people know that you offer simple services, they’re more likely to buy from you in the first place.
  • Helpful Customer Service: Another big thing that can make returns go down is having really good customer service. When people feel like they’re taken care of, they’re more likely to buy again and tell their friends. Answering questions fast can make customers stick around and not send things back.
  • Quick Shipping: Getting items to people fast and safely can also make them less likely to return things. Letting them know where their package is in real-time helps build trust and keeps them from worrying about when it will arrive.
e-commerce return rates
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Reducing your return rates with Quality

Having really good quality products in your e-commerce can mean fewer returns. Here are some ways to make sure what you sell is top-notch:

  • Right Size Info: One big reason people send things back, especially clothes, is because they don’t fit. Giving all the details about size and fit, like measurements, can help people choose better. This means they’re less likely to return things because they don’t fit.
  • Learn and Get Better: Asking your customers what they think can help you make your stuff even better. Always encourage people to tell you what they like or don’t like.
  • Free Shipping or Returns: When you offer free shipping, people feel more sure about buying from you. A study by UPS says this can boost your sales by 20-30% because people feel more comfortable making a purchase.

Stay ahead with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) can be a game-changer in cutting down how many things get sent back to your online store. With AR, people can see a 3D version of what they’re buying in their own space. This helps them know for sure if it’s what they want, making them less likely to return it.

Using AR can make shopping online way more fun. It can make your customers happier, keep them coming back, and mean fewer returns for you.

Want to know more about how to have fewer returns in your e-commerce? Contact us!

I'm Antonio Furioso the founder of Eyedex. I have a strong passion for Augmented Reality. I'm also a curious person that likes solving problems and knowing people's stories. If I can do something to help, just contact me!