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Double Your Business Shopping Experience


We use 3D products configurator and Augmented Reality to personalize your customers’ experience.


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The Benefits for Your Business

Get all these benefits just by Implementing Augmented Reality in your business.

Increase Sales

Showcasing your products with Augmented Reality and 3D items will increase the probability of the purchase.

Customer Experience and Engagement

People will interact and spend more time with your brand. You will get more results in terms of sales.

Showcase your Products

Give your customers the possibility to see every detail of your products and how it fits in their space.

Decrease Return Rate

You will reduce the customer return because they will know before the purchase if your product will fit or not in their space.

Improve Sustainability

Your brand will be more sustainable because you are reducing the carbon footprint and avoiding returns.

Brand Loyalty

Offering this unique and personalized experience, people will be more likely to return to you to buy more and more.

Antonio's expert guidance has been instrumental in shaping our understanding of the AR/VR market. His insightful contributions from an external perspective have proven invaluable, showcasing a deep understanding of the industry. I highly recommend tapping into his wealth of knowledge for strategic insights.

Pratik ManeFounder and Creative Director @VisiomentStudios

E-commerce faces many problems

You are an e-commerce and you are struggling with

1. Share your ideas with us

Let's study together the best strategy for your business and where you need to implement Augmented Reality

2. Watch the magic happen

We will implement Augmented Reality and improve your customer experience and engagement for you.

3. Enjoy your increased revenue

We will drive you during all our partnership and give you the best strategies to promote and get all the maximum from AR.

Who Am I?

Antonio Furioso

I’m the founder of Eyedex, on a mission to revolutionize the shopping experience through Augmented Reality.

I started to work in the Augmented Reality industry for 2.5 years after I watched this industry grow for 7 years.

I’m committed to shaping a future where AR transforms the customer experience.

I’m convinced that together we can craft a new interactive world between businesses and people thanks to Augmented Reality.

profilo antonio furioso
Who should implement AR?

Augmented Reality for your business

As a business we know that you face different challenges every day. That's why we want to help you, in our way, to face this challenges!

Do your customers want to see the product before buying it?

You can implement Augmented Reality and people can try your products before buying them. This will grow your customer experience by more than 130%.

Can consumers personalize your product?

Personalization is the key to every business. Providing personalization will make you increase your sales by more than 40%. And AR will do this for you.

Do you want to be different from your competitors?

People will remember your brand name and products only when they have a great experience with you. Augmented Reality helps you to differentiate from your competitors.

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You can try Augmented Reality in your business with your products!

Frequently asked questions

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows your customers to see the quality of your products before purchasing them.

Where can we use Augmented Reality?

We can use Augmented Reality on your website, e-commerce, physical catalog, and digital and offline advertising.

How the collaboration work?

We like to partner with companies. Let’s jump on a call and let’s see if we can work together.

If yes, then we can understand together how we can implement Augmented Reality in your business. And what are the best strategists.

What happens once you implemented AR?

After implementing Augmented Reality, we will follow you during our partnership. We will give you strategic advice on how to get the best from AR.